24hr outpatient clinic

24hr outpatient clinic

If it’s an emergency, every second is crucial. And so is the treatment given. Our 24 Hour Clinic provides daily, around the clock, medical services to patients in need. Our medical professionals are available night and day, twenty-four hours, seven days a week to treat and consult. The clinic has beds, with separate wards for men and women, and is ready to handle day-to-day sicknesses, illnesses and health concerns as well as trauma cases. Our emergency team is exceptionally competent in tackling all types of emergencies and is functional 24x7. Our ambulance services are also available around the clock, and ready to reach anywhere inside the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Once the patient is given the required primary care and is stabilized, he/she is evaluated for the nature and severity of illness/injury and is then referred to the appropriate department or specialty for further treatment.

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