24hr Laboratory

24hr Laboratory

The activities of the division include specimen collection, processing, analysis and reporting of various tests for both out-patients and inpatients. Many tests are being reported with appreciable turnaround time of 60 minutes or less. We are constantly working to improve and expand our facilities so that we can deliver outstanding laboratory services which help to greatly speed up the time from diagnosis to treatment. We also have links with local and international reference laboratories and adhere to the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

Our list of modern equipment includes:

  • Cobas C111 Analyzer
  • ADVIA 560 Haematology Systems
  • mini VIDAS Compact Multiparametric Immunoanalyzer
  • NycoCard Reader
  • Heliprobe System
  • Digisystem Laboratory Incubator

Scope of Services
We offer testing for:

  • Clinical Pathology studies
  • Blood Chemistry
  • Haematology
  • Immunology tests, and other studies
  • Urine, stool, and body fluid analysis


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